Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Sometimes the question is raised regarding procrastination. A lady wrote in recently saying how she frequently puts things off and spends lots of time watching tv or surfing the net for hours. But because she then gets very angry and frustrated with herself, she tried many self-help techniques but none of them worked permanently.(But that's also because there is no 'permanently')

But these kind of feelings can then go on to depression, despair, lack of self-respect and ultimately self-loathing, so let's look at what's really going on, because the absolute Truth, is always the opposite of that which seems to be the case.

Procrastination happens to anyone whether they are Liberated, awakened or whatever you want to call it. And it's true, that whatever arises, arises for no-one, and anything can arise - for better or for worse. However, the act of judging yourself for what ever you are doing or not doing, that's what is seen through and can fall away.

When I believed in a personal identity, I continually judged myself and beat myself up for not getting on with things . My constant 'mantra' was: " I should be doing serious stuff - I should be more productive" .

The only difference now is that there is no-one here giving itself a hard time. So for me, telly is often watched because I love telly! Things either get done or not done; but there's no longer anyone naming that behaviour, like: 'procrastination', 'laziness' or 'distraction' etc. - It just is what it is.

It's only the mind that lays value-judgements on absolutely everything. Can you imagine how relaxing it would be just to drop self-judgement? 'Being' is not judging ITself is it? How can the 'I' judge 'Itself? And also, who is there to say that one activity is more precious than another? That idea only comes from a belief in time. There is only this present moment and it cannot therefore be 'wasted' or 'spent'. It is always NOW.

And whereever you are, you are always here - you can never get away from now and here. Even when you are apparantly busy and moving - you are actually not really doing anything and going nowhere. Your true Being can never leave itself.

For 'me', sometimes things get done and sometimes they don't, but if I don't do some things I don't get paid - so then I may get on and do something - or maybe not.

There is no continuous picture of 'me' as an unmotivated person. There is only whatever is currently arising."