Wednesday, 20 January 2010

'Identification with the 'me' '

Hello everyone and thank you so much for reading me! I will be writing things about Nonduality, and you are joyfully welcomed to contribute!

Today I have had quite a few emails and questions about how difficult it is to get rid of the self. Well you don't need to get rid of the self ,even if you could, which you can't!

What we call the 'self' are simply thoughts arising which you think are being generated by a 'you' and which you identify with as 'you' or your thoughts. But 'you' are not generating anything because there is no you. 'Thoughts arising' - is LIFE vibrating ! In Quantum Physics thoughts are explained as: 'fluctuating frequencies of energy'. You cannot stop thoughts and nor do you need to, and they are not yours to stop. Thoughts are part of Being, but Being is no part of thought, because Being is beyond thought.

Being is seen in the absolute Presence of the present.

People can get very angry about 'Nonduality' as though it's a separate entity which either works for one or doesn't, but the term Nonduality is simply a word that describes how everything IS - Alli-in-All, Oneness. It's not something that can be debated or argued with - how can the 'I' argue with itself - with it's own nature?!

All thoughts and feelings, such as depression, anger, fear etc. are connected with the belief in a personal identity and that belief will continue until the Truth begins to dawn and saturate one's experience, until the 'one' dissolves back into the 'One' as a drop of water rejoins the ocean. So how does this happen?

Well there's really no answer to this, but there can be an expansion into Oneness and I have observed this happening to people increasingly through merely being open to the possibility and sharing and interest in Being - an intimacy with Presence. But there is no necessity to sit quietly; meditate; do breathing exercises, etc. etc. unless you simply like doing those things. The seeing of Being is decerned in the present moment of whatever is happening right NOW! Swimming - eating pizza - reading something on a computer. Being is missed when we are looking backwards or forwards That doesn't mean you have to turn it in to a practice - just eat your pizza! If depression is there instead of a pizza - just observe it for a moment then go and make a cup of tea and decide to come back and see if it's still there in an hour. If it is - the intensity of it will be lessened - and just make a cup of tea again.

This is not a glib response: the immensity of Love/God is above and beyond thought and is right there unmissably in the minitue of living, and whatever that entails for you right at this very moment, which of course is the only moment.


  1. Thank you, this is beautiful

  2. This made me cry for 2 minutes and felt extreme bliss. Everything that happens is the it is done? That is the person trying to look for answers, which is Being looking for itself. lol. What a silly game Being is playing. lol. thanks!