Sunday, 24 January 2010

'The Seeker's End'

The end of all seeking is the realisation that there are no answers! That's such a relief! No more needing answers or reasons for things like people's actions or behaviour or your own actions or behaviour. Since there truly are no answers and that IS the Truth, you can just give up looking for them. It's great!

Last night I went to see a brilliant movie by the Coen Brothers called: 'The Serious Man'. They have got Nonduality sewn up beautifully. And just like in a Satsang/Nonduality meetings, people's minds can fight with the truth of 'No Answers'. They can get angry, desparate or even walk out. This is how many people have felt about this movie - they either love it and truly get it, or they are bored or angry at having wasted their time and money on it.

So what's to get?

Well at the risk of spoiling it for many people who haven't seen it yet, I will just say that the movie throws up lots of strange and seemingly irrational behaviour, actions and situations. The film-makers have deliberately created a film that poses loads of questions and then doesn't supply any answers.

The main character's life is falling apart so he consults three rabbis. But they do not answer his questions, instead they offer him stories and anecdotes.
As the viewer, you are dying to know what happens in the end. Or why someone did what they did. But you never find out! Over and over things occur and huge questions arise in your head and you are bursting to know some answers and have some understanding, yet you are totally denied this relief. Even the end of the film seems to happen so suddenly that it's almost shocking! (Typical Coen Brothers!)

So what's the point of the movie?
To me it beautifully demonstrated that there are no real answers to anything. No reasons for things. Things just happen and that's all! There are absolutely no answers - no reasons why.

This is all that needs to be seen. You can stop getting frustrated right now, because the end of all seeking is simply the realisation that there are no answers! From then on, seeking really does start to dissipate and life is lived with considerably more ease.

So from now on, every time a question pops up in your mind, immediately recognize that it is un-answerable - that you'll never know what, how or why, and maybe you'll begin to find that the fiery intensity of seeking starts to lessen and lessen, till all there is, is space and expansion where all the seeking use to be; because the end of all seeking is seeing that there are no answers. And I reccommend you all to see 'A Serious Man'! Love Mandi

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