Monday, 1 February 2010

Wonderful things are Happening

It is a scientific Truth, that because God is ALL, you don't need to be concerned about anything because WONDERFUL things are happening. Do not entertain any other idea.

You cannot be 'tired of Being' because Being is your home. You don't exist already. There's nothing to dissolve and no real problems in REALITY.

Nonduality cannot answer problems - it has no answers. There is no 'help' here. Nonduality is the simple Truth of who we truly are. Everything else is just a mockery of Truth. The mind is the great mocker.
You are NOT your thoughts. There is no 'you' to dissolve. There are only thoughts.

So simply put on your shoes, when you are putting on your shoes. Only drink tea when you are drinking tea. Just empty your trash when you are emptying your trash. Let what you are presently engaged in take centre stage - and the arising thoughts will just carry on without you in the background. There is nothing 'you' have to do and there is nothing you have ever done!

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