Monday, 8 February 2010

What is the difference between 'Seeker' and See-ER?

Many people write to me about the 'struggle of the seeker', but there doesn't have to be any struggle because the 'SeeKer' and the 'SeeER' are all the same One-ness. The only difference is the 'K' and if you add and 'O' to that 'K'- you have: 'OK'. And everything is OK.
This is not meant to be flippant, but if you can really see that the seeker and the see-er are one and the same, where else is there to go? Nowhere which becomes: 'Now-Here!'


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  2. The unnecessary and voluntary nature of the seeker's struggle is what needs to be seen (by the seeker) isn't it? The search releases if it's nature is seen.
    So, in the absence of mind-bending self-involved struggles, the inherent spacious Love and freedom of reality may simply become apparent. But, I think it can be even simpler than this sort of "conscious process."
    Sadly, I think, so many of our spiritual teachings, as they are communicated, completely exacerbate the stress and confusion of 'seeking."
    My experience is that the initiation by divine Love (itself), 'falling in love with love" completely destroys seeking, taking duality with it. If we only truly felt and understood the meaning of giving someone a flower, the whole intellectual bandwagon of sophisticated spiritual insights would just die!