Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The True Nature of Valentine's Day

This post is a bit belated, since Valentine’s Day was actually two days ago! However, the point of writing this blog is in response to various emails I have received around this subject. Single people have written to discuss the feeling of loneliness on Valentine’s Day – despite knowing there is only One-ness. Married people have written about how lonely they feel within their relationship, especially when they didn’t receive a Valentine’s card!

Anything which is made up of need, fear, expectation and insecurity is nothing to do with the true nature of ‘relationship’, of love.

Well it all may sound quite trivial to some people, but I think it raises an important issue about love and partnership.

‘Relationship’ is not an exclusive thing and therefore we can have no personal expectations from it. Love is about inclusiveness - it is who we are – Being is Love. So the best thing you can do on Valentine’s day and on every day of the year, is to love lavishly . Rest back in the immensity of Being and enjoy your relationship with your true Self-hood, with God. This is true completeness.

If you feel lacking in Love, then love all the more, and know that there is no lack of any kind in Being. No matter how it appears on the surface, there is no truth in the story of lack.

For instance, if you see a couple walking down the street hand-in-hand and so ‘in love’ , it is actually Being or God, walking hand-in-hand with Itself. Even the witnessing of the couple is only part of your consciousness, your dream, so you cannot be excluded from that LOVE. You are within it. You can never be outside of love because you can never be outside of who you are. So Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself, from yourself. 


  1. Good on you Mandi! Yes, Love! How is it that we come to completely neglect, so utterly deprioritise the ONE great, simple, all-sufficient truth! Love is all we are, all we've ever been! If anyone wants a "path," then let them fall in love with love - surrendering totally to love will end the illusion of separation. I love you Mandi!

  2. Ah bless ya! You loving thing you! I love you too Lee! :)