Wednesday, 17 March 2010

No Self - No Suffering

Over the years many people have told me some pretty horrendous and tragic life stories. These include violent and neglectful parenting; sexual abuse within families; alcoholism and drug abuse and even for some people those types of problems re-occurring time and time again in all their subsequent relationships.

Then the question comes: ‘so how does Nonduality fit in with all this and what use is it?’

There is no answer as such and Nonduality doesn’t have a ‘use’. There is only TRUTH. And the truth is that all these bad things never happened to a ‘you’.

Who you truly are is spiritual in substance. This has already been proved through Quantum Science. There is no truth in matter. Your true Being is utterly benign and perfect.

Your TRUE parents are God. Your TRUE husband, wife, child or partner is God.
The people who did all those awful things to you, believed so completely in their separate-ness that they were totally trapped within their own dark thoughts. Then all they were capable of doing was playing out their nightmarish dream scenarios over and over again and including you in their stories. This is the awfulness of seeing two – duality and separation, rather than knowing ourselves as ONE.

Non-duality is seeing beyond the veil of separation and knowing that all that’s truly going on is GOOD/GOD.

LOVE is all that is ever going on. That Truth is even scientific because it’s a fact – a fact that is an ever-present help in trouble. For example: the other day I accidentally poured a large mug of boiling water down the front of my leg. Excruciating pain arose, and after it was dealt with in a practical way, I lay down for 45mins. There was obviously throbbing burning sensations that took my breath away, but as I lay back in the immensity of my own benign Being and looked to who I truly was, the pain literally lifted up and out of my body and the pure love and nurturing that I felt was beyond human description. And this is because we are not separate human individuals made of matter that can be burned or destroyed, we are IMMORTAL and part of the ONENESS. And all that pain never actually happened in Being – in God’s kingdom so how could there really have ever been any effect from it?

We do not have to carry on being affected by nightmares from the past. In Being, there is no past or future there is only this present moment. All the characters in the dreams of past were only characters in a dream, and so they can have never affected who we truly are.

So if you have been carrying terrible images of what your parents did to you or how your violent partner or spouse treated you, just let it go now and know that those human parents were never your true parents – your true parent is GOD – your true partner is GOD. Your true Selfhood is GOD. You have no human ‘self’. And no ‘self’ means no suffering.


  1. Nice article Mandi.

    As many of you know from experience, just because you are not suffering from ignorance of your true nature, does not mean you are not suffering from some pain or illness in your body. The self may be recognized for the illusion that it is, however, there are a quite a few people who claim to be and those who are awakened, who are also still quite ill on some level. Sometimes illness helps bring one closer to waking up, but once awakening happens there is no longer any purpose for the illness, and yet it remains. This often, but not always, means that awareness has not integrated or become "embodied:.

    I have helped several people who were suffering from debilitating physical pain and continue to help others who are in a similiar situation. You can find me on FB at "Integrative Spiritual and Energy Healing". Best Wishs to all. tom

  2. Hey Mandi! It seems like there is an apparent deepening of understanding into oneness...the "me" seems to be less of a "problem" ? what is this? is it just a decreasing of thought? feelings of totally not knowing anything are coming up and "ego" does not like this...there's really nothing to do!
    rest in not knowing?

  3. Thanks Tom and Jenya for your comments.

    Rest in not knowing? Being/God is always at rest, and that's your true nature. Restings good!

    Love to all,


  4. then thought is the only apparent cover? like a cloud passing through the sky. Rest is always here but action has to be made.
    love to you :)

  5. I get the feeling it is too simple to understand, like Being is always at what could the problem be? The mind is looking for an understanding but it can never have it. The world is mind-made. Without the mind there is no world?