Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How is it that everything appears to be in motion yet NOTHING HAPPENS?

I was once performing music with my band for a wedding. We were playing Eastern-European tunes for the guests because they wanted to do circle dancing.

I was playing the accordion. We'd played for a long time and by the end we got progressively faster and the dancers were moving at such high speed around us that they became a blur. Yet within that motion I experienced a profound stillness and yet the music, which was now very fast and loud and the running dancers, all seemed phantom-like and peripheral, and having absolutely no reality, no real substance. The only reality was the stillness in which nothing moved and no sound perceived.
It was suddenly seen that all this apparent movement was mere ripples on an otherwise still Ocean. The movement was only happening in thought and nothing was really moving.

It is only thought that appears as everything. The Bible says: 'In Him we move and have our Being'. Being is immovable and certain and perfect. Thoughts are the things that are in constant motion therefore uncertain and imperfect.

There is nothing outside of THIS. The aliveness is Source from which all arises and of which everything is made. Thoughts are merely fluctuating frequencies of energy which you hear in your own language as thoughts. All the pictures that dance before our eyes are a dream and have no reality. The only reality is God/Being/ THIS and is both the background and the foreground of everything. There is no true movement.

A few years ago, I was driving my little Micra car down a howling windy motorway on a dark night in Winter, and the car was literally being blown from one lane to another. and fear arose. However, in the midst of that fear - like in the centre of a hurricane - there was just a still core. I can only describe that there was no sense of an 'I' experiencing any fear - yet fear arose around me like a wide, high, transparent vertical tube, within which the sides never touched 'me'. No-one was feeling it. The gales no longer seemed real or harmful and there was only stillness, and then the 'windy dream' gave way to calm weather.

Nothing is truly happening except through erroneous mental perception. Birds singing are thought arising as sounds happening. This present glorious, loving Presence is all that's ever going on.

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  1. Thoughts arise and are immediately gone, words are expressed and are no more, actions take place and dissolve into giving rise to more action. Within this impersonal play somehow!? the concept of there being an individual arises too, No-Thing is happening all the time in this Timelessness.
    Always good to read your sharing Mandy.
    Much Love and a BIG thank you Avasa